Crab God Is Taking Part in the Upcoming Steam Next Fest

Explore the Ocean in Crab God

Prepare your pincers to explore the depths of the Ocean. Developer Chaos Theory Games and publisher Firesquid have announced that Crab God will participate in the upcoming Steam Next Fest with a demo from 10 to 17 June. The full game will also launch on the platform on 20 June, so make sure to put it on your wish list.

Crab God

Crab God is a wholesome colony-builder game where you become the guardian of your worshipers. You must grow your Crabling colony and safely lead them across the dangerous depths of the ocean. Assign daily duties to your Crablings for development, such as foraging, farming, and, of course, worshiping.

This will be more challenging than you anticipated, as dangers lurk around every corner. Other sea creatures might attack at any moment, stealing their food, destroying their ecosystem, and hindering their progress. As their leader, it is your responsibility to ensure everything goes smoothly.

The game provides players with an opportunity to make a difference beyond their own little crab family. It features integrated, where in-game actions have a direct impact on the real world. This will help clean up our oceans and protect aquatic life. The developers have dedicated their work to creating a positive impact throughout their career and this title is not an exception. Players will also learn more about aquatic wildlife and habitats as they play, and discover new plants and animals.