The Braves Has Started Its Survival Journey on Steam

Slay the Monsters in the Braves

101XP Publishing and 101XP Game Studios have announced that the full version of The Braves is now available on Steam. The cool part is that this bullet-hell roguelike is completely free of cost. So, dive right into it and fight against hordes of ferocious monsters to survive the unexplored and dangerous fantasy world.

The Braves

The Braves is a 2D action roguelike game with hordes of enemies, loads of unique skills, and weapons. You must select your hero, take down tons of enemies, unlock powerful skills, become one with your weapon, and survive in dangerous worlds with multiple universes.

You can get stronger by collecting resources, claiming better gear, and running a small town where you can customize your heroes and weapons to make them a force to reckon with.

Key features:

– Dozens of heroes of varying rarities, each with their unique design and mechanics.

– Epic battles against the forces of evil in the farthest reaches of the game world: Forests, Laboratories, Cemeteries, Mycelium Networks, Dunes, Castle Bran… and many more to come!

– Resources to improve your equipment, heroes, and your town!

– Awesome rewards for completing quests at the Town Hall!

– Fierce monsters and bosses!

– Endless combinations of numerous skills!

Take a look at the official launch trailer below to get a glimpse of the action awaiting us.