Tavern Manager Simulator Demo Is Now Available on Steam

Serve the Customers in the Tavern Manager Simulator

The small indie game developer One More Time Studio has released a free demo for their upcoming title Tavern Manager Simulator on Steam. Players can finally get a first-hand experience of this casual management simulator and run their establishment. Moreover, the game will be coming out in the second quarter of this year. In the meantime, check out the official gameplay trailer.

Tavern Manager Simulator invites everyone in a fantasy kingdom to become the owner of an abandoned tavern. Your main objective is to rebuild, expand, and improve it to its former glory. You can take different approaches to running the place and create a unique story.

Please ensure the place is clean, get rid of trash and cobwebs, wipe the dust off, and decorate it with new furniture. Just try not to spend too much on it as you’ll need to buy food and beer. Renovate your place, buy important resources, and start serving your customers to earn money for more upgrades.
Cook delicious food, pour the beer on large mugs, and keep your customers full and happy. Don’t forget to check their mood too as they can be impatient and easily angered. Manage your time and priorities properly for a successful day at work.

Key features:

– Run your abandoned tavern in a fantasy kingdom
– Renovate, improve, expand your establishment
– Pour beer into huge mugs, and cook tasty dishes.
– Clean up, wash dishes
– Lots of decorations and furniture to create a unique atmosphere
– Many visitors with different needs and expectations
– Random game events