Drug Dealer Simulator 2 Is Ready to Smuggle on Steam in June

Immerse Yourself in the World of Drug Dealer Simulator 2

Developer Byterunners and publisher Movie Games S.A. have announced the release date of their upcoming title Drug Dealer Simulator 2. Yes, this highly anticipated sequel prequel to the 2020 indie hit will arrive on Steam on 20 June 2024. The cool part is that there will be a 3-player co-op, cartel management, melee combat, and many more improvements.

Drug Dealer Simulator 2

Drug Dealer 2 welcomes its players in the early 2000s on the land of Isla Sombra, a haven for cartels and dealers. You will step inside the shoes of Eddie, an outlaw seeking refuge. Start as a nobody in a foreign and hostile land without resources or connections. The only thing that will bring a change in your life through hard work.

Ascend the ladder to earn respect and wealth from your peers. Set up secret locations, manufacture narcotics, and distribute them in the community. Forge connections with customers and suppliers to expand your business. Extend your reach to neighboring villages and towns, but be careful as one wrong move can tear it down.

Key features:

– Cook, portion, and distribute a variety of illegal substances
– Establish and decorate your labs and hideouts
– Hire employees and create a hierarchy in your cartel
– Avoid, fight off, or sometimes bomb your rivals and militia
РUse boats to move between the archipelago’s islands
– Experience different kinds of weather, including tropical storms

Take a look at the official release date trailer below to get a glimpse of the world of cartel awaiting your arrival.