One-Inch Tactics Has Started Waging War on Steam

Immerse Yourself in One-Inch Tactics

Developer KOGADO STUDIO and publisher KOMODO have officially released their new mech tactics game, One-inch Tactics on Steam. It is available for just $15.99 with a 20% launch discount. Hurry up and grab the offer before it ends on 26 May 2024. Moreover, a demo version of the game is also available on the platform, so, go ahead and give it a shot.

One-Inch Tactics

One-inch Tactics is a turn-based tactical strategy game that brings the massive battles of military mecha fiction to your fingertips. The game offers the trappings of a hex-based miniatures war game combined with diverse objectives. It is pretty simple to learn but will put your trains to the test.

The game features 20 diverse missions in a campaign mode. You will gain new pilots and mech parts as you progress through the game. Properly utilizing this new equipment and personnel is the key to overcoming the different objectives and terrain. Whether your mech equips a long-range missile pod to strike enemies from a distance, or would it be better to equip a short-range machine gun, the decision is all yours.

Another cool aspect of this game is its focus on the fog of war. Hid your forces and find your opponents as you lead your army to victory. Make use of the terrain to camouflage forces and scout ahead, or bring smoke and probe grenades.