Cyberpulse Hurls Its Way to Steam

Join the Action in Cyberpulse

Digital Tribe and Scherzo Games have officially released their genre-creating twin-stick thrower, Cyberpulse on PC via Steam. It is available on the platform for just $12.74 with a 15% launch discount. Hurry up and grab the offer before it ends on 28 May 2024. Check out the release trailer below to get a glimpse of the action awaiting your arrival.

Cyberpulse is a physics-based action game that combines the elements of twin-stick shooters, shmups, and even the dynamic exploration of Metroidvania. You will control cyberkinetic forces to slam and hurl the viruses into molten firewalls rather than shooting bullets.

The game features a single-player campaign that you can enjoy locally with a friend in co-op. There are over 50 levels to explore and a diverse cast of enemies, bosses, and things to collect. It also has a versus mode for up to four players with dozens of settings that you can customize to create a unique multiplayer experience for every game.

Here are some key features:

– A blend of genres: Twin-stick shooters, shmups, arena battlers, and even Metroidvania.

– Innovative game physics: You control cyberkinetic forces to hurl your enemies into molten firewalls.

– 50+ hand-crafted levels in a non-linear campaign full of collective secrets to reward exploration.

– Local two-player co-op: Coordinate your movements and try not to toss your teammate into a firewall ( or do it on purpose).

– Four-player versus dunk your friends in 100+ exhilarating versus arenas.

– Customizable multiplayer experience: Tweak dozens of settings to create exactly the kind of experience you want.

– A modern take on retro classics with amazing vector-like graphics and an original synthwave soundtrack.