Anchored Hearts: A Tale of Destiny Is Coming Out on Steam in June

Adventure Awaits in Anchored Hearts: A Tale of Destiny

Developer Studio Witchstar and publisher Lovewish have announced that Anchored Hearts: A Tale of Destiny is coming to Steam in June. The release date will be revealed sometime in the future. Additionally, there will be a demo release as a part of Steam Next Fest. So, stay tuned for more updates.

Anchored Hearts: A Tale of Destiny

Anchored Hearts: A Tale of Destiny is a visual novel rogue-like adventure game. You will step inside the shoes of Nova, the once celebrated, now infamous pirate known as ‘La Belladonna’. You find yourself in prison for a crime you did not commit at all. Now you are on the run after escaping the prison. Explore the world of Marestel and sail to the pirate haven of Libertown.

During the journey, you must choose between real-time ship battles, random encounters, and more. Become notorious on your adventure to unlock new boons that will help you in the journey. You can even bring a cat on board, upgrade your crow’s nest, and more to trick your enemies and become victorious in every battle.

Each victory will bring you closer to learning the truth behind your imprisonment. Oh wait, as you progress, you will have the opportunity to steal not only gold but hears as well. Choosing whether to build up a romance with one, or both of your companions.

“Anchored Hearts: A Tale of Destiny is a game for anyone who has ever dreamed of being a pirate”, explains writer, Catherine McFall. “We wanted players to feel like they’ve escaped into an adventure. I loved writing about the world of Marestel – I hope players enjoy meeting the shady pirates and charming merchants of Libertown, as well as flirting with our two dashing love interests. The Lady Vengeance awaits your crew!”


– A gripping narrative mystery
– Romance with multiple characters
– Navigate a rogue-lite map
– Engage in epic real-time ship battles
– Buy or earn ship upgrades as you build notoriety