Sheba: A New Dawn Has Finally Arrived on Steam

Discover Different Realms in Sheba: A New Dawn

The indie game studio Kashkool Games has officially released its debut title Sheba: A New Dawn for PC via Steam. It is one of the first indie titles from Abu Dhabi and has garnered international attention and a strong following on the platform. The game stands as the perfect example of the potential and exponential growth of the emerging MENA games market.

You can purchase it right now for just $15.19 with a 20% launch discount. Hurry up and grab your copy before the offer ends on 22 April 2024.

Sheba: A New Dawn

Sheba: The New Dawn is a Metroidvania action RPG that follows the story of Enar, a humble shepherd. He finds his world turned upside down when Mirah, the jinn prisoner escapes and sets off a chain of events. Together, they must embark on a dangerous journey to regain control and find out the secrets hidden within.

Along the way, Enar will discover his true identity as the hero of a new dawn. There is action, danger, and uncertainty lurking in every corner. Get ready for an unforgettable journey to change the fate of their world.

Key features:

– Classic Metroidvania gameplay with heavily populated levels that encourage exploration and keep the player in motion.
– Combo-based combat: 45+ combo skills and elemental finishers that make each encounter feel like an action fight.
– Semi-tactical combat with customizable fighting styles with RPG attributes and level-ups.
– 67+ unique Jinn, monsters, and bosses with their strategic fighting styles, and collectible rewards.
– A variety of puzzles to solve, and power-ups and abilities to collect.
– An authentic Arabic setting & story and voice.

Make sure to take a look at the official launch trailer below.