Seren Nova Is Now Available on Steam

Dangerous Missions Awaits in Seren Nova

The indie game studio Galaeth Games is delighted to announce that their latest title Seren Nova is out now on PC via Steam. It is a game that combines classic 90s Sci-Fi action games with cheesy live-action FMV cutscenes. You can purchase it on the platform for just $7.99 with a 20% launch discount. This offer ends on 10 April, so make sure to grab this opportunity before it is too late.

Seren Nova

Seren Nova is a top-down 3D retro sci-fi action game with full-motion video cutscenes and a puppet. People can consider it as a mash-up of Desert Strike, Command & Conquer, and Buck Rogers. You will step inside the shoes of Aderyn, one of the last remaining pilots of the Nova Force. Your mission is to protect the planets in the Seren Solar System from the evil Brenin.

Pilot your ship across 7 exciting levels in this top-down space action shooter. Complete each mission ranging from search and destroy, to recovering stolen technology, and more. When the time comes, you may have to land your ship and take the war to the enemy on foot.

The game features live-action cutscenes that take inspiration from the classic sci-fi TV series of old, with a cast of actors and puppets. Follow the story of our top pilot Aderyn and her struggle to protect the lives of billions of people. Though, she is not very fond of her robot sidekick, Robo.