Kudzu Is Now Available on Gameboy and Nintendo Switch

Save Your Master in Kudzu

Pie For Breakfast Studios, in partnership with the publishers Mega Cat Studios and 8bit-Legit, have launched the highly-anticipated full release of Kudzu on Gameboy and Nintendo Switch platforms. You can purchase it right now through the official website of Mega Cat Studios and the Nintendo eShop. Hurry up, grab your copy, and embark on an epic retro journey like never before.


Kudzu is a retro adventure game that is filled with mystery, danger, and discovery. You will step inside the shoes of Max, a serious go-getter and the best student of master gardener Zoen. Unfortunately, his master has gone missing in the kudzu labyrinth which is full of enigmatic plants.

Max must set out on a perilous journey to save his master from the clutches of these plants. He must use his wisdom, wits, and gardening tools to navigate through treacherous landscapes. Along the way, he will meet weird and helpful characters, as well as dangerous creatures who will stalk him through fields, gardens, forests, and even a haunted house.

Here are some key features:

– Explore diverse environments, from ruined fields to lush forests, in your quest to unravel the mysteries of the plants.
– Master a variety of gardening tools, including machetes and hoes, to clear your path and fend off menacing creatures.
– Encounter a colorful cast of characters and engage in epic battles against formidable foes, including giant bugs and living plants.
– Uncover the maze’s secrets and discover this invasive plant’s true origins.

Make sure to check out the official trailer below.