Halver Has Finally Arrived on Steam

Solve All the Puzzles in Halver

After 7 years of development, Gologames is proud to announce the official release of Halver on Steam. You can purchase the game right now for just $8.99 with a 10% launch discount. Hurry up and grab your copy before the offer ends on 25 April 2024. Furthermore, a free demo version is also available on the platform for everyone to try out.


Halver is a challenging 2D physics-based puzzle platformer that features tons of logic and precision jumping. The game’s main protagonist can split the blocks in half with shots to solve puzzles. The ultimate goal is to reach the exit of each level. It is one of those titles that is easy to learn but hard to master.

The game looks simple at first glance, however, there are a bunch of surprising mechanics that provide a deep and unexpected experience. Not only that, you will need to think strategically and perform the right combination of several actions with a variety of game elements to complete the level.

Key features:

– Blueprint visual style: Positions of all game objects in the campaign were calculated and interactive animations are all handcrafted.

– Detail-rich environment: Each of the 48 carefully designed levels is a work of art.

– Ambient music accompaniment: Meditative soundtrack, free from disturbing motifs, relaxes and facilitates immersion.

Make sure to take a look at the official trailer below.