Ascendant Is Set to Release in Q2 2024 on Steam

Gain Freedom in Ascendant

The solo indie game developer Imagisphere has revealed that Ascendant is coming out in the second quarter of this year on Steam. The exact release date will be announced sometime in the future. The game is an arcade-inspired dungeon crawler with heavy Rogue-like elements.


In Ascendant, you will investigate an ancient evil to ascend yourself to freedom. Along the way, you will encounter legendary abominations, and build-craft powerful combinations of magical items. The game features 3 challenging biomes with specific enemy types as well as a new Mini-Boss on every floor.

There are soul chests to discover that will provide you with items with magical attributes. Many of these items synergize with each other, so you can create the best combination that matches your playstyle.

Key features:
– 3 Unique Biomes
– 6 Bosses
– 6 Mini-Bosses
– 9 Enemy Types
– 100+ Abilities

Additionally, the game will feature Tangia integration where streamers can allow their audience to directly control their playthrough.

Here are the interactions:

– Draw an Enemy: Draw an enemy and send it into the game to fight the player!
– Spawn an Enemy: Send an enemy in the game to fight the player!
– Brain Drain: Drain the player’s aspect meter!
– Arcaniac: Give the player a Gatling wand for 5 seconds!
– Infinite Arcane: Wand casts are free for 5 seconds!

You can put the game on your wish list right now to get instant access when it officially releases. To build up the hype, take a look at the gameplay trailer of the game.