Gold, grind and professions in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a diverse project in which each player can find his own type of gameplay that will be comfortable for him – be it farming, PVP, raids or just exploring the territory.

You will choose your faction, race and class and take part in raids and PVP, farm World of Warcraft gold and resources, level up and learn new updates and mechanics.

What is gold and what is it for in World of Warcraft

Gold is the main currency that is used for interaction between players and NPCs. If you have a sufficient amount of gold, then you can buy literally everything that can strengthen your character.

Ways to get gold

Gold can be farmed and mined, but it is often obtained by selling valuable items and resources to other players.

The exception is the quest system and grinding from monsters, when you receive a fixed amount of gold for this level and location and in order to really accumulate it you need to systematically complete tasks and hunt.


World of Warcraft has a broad quest system that allows players to gain levels and gold by following a strict plan that Blizzard creates for them.

This is not a prerequisite and more experienced players may deviate from such a system in favor of hunting and collecting resources, but for beginners this is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the game and properly gain experience and WoW gold.

Finding such quests is not difficult – all NPCs that are ready to interact with you have bright icons above their heads, and you definitely won’t miss them. They will be located in cities and on the locations themselves, and you will see these marks if the task suits your level.

When you start a dialogue with the NPC, you will see the history and reason for such a task, whether it is killing foxes that are harming chicken coops, or delivering an important message to a local hunter – you must know the reasons for the quest. Next you will see the reward for completing it. If the quest is a story quest, then just take it to work, because its rewards will constantly change and improve.

Secondary quests need to be analyzed more carefully so as not to receive cosmetic items and other things that do not affect boosting and earning gold in World of Warcraft.

The only exception can be a location – if the quest is not a plot one, but is carried out in the same location, then you can safely take it to work and receive an additional reward, even if it is of little value.

Remember that you can take on many quests at the same time and then cancel unnecessary ones, so feel free to activate new quests and close them only at the moments of completion, or when they cease to be relevant after changing the hunting territory and moving to a new update zone.

Each segment of such an addition is unique in terms of levels, and if you hunted and took quests in the Shadowlands, then after moving to Dragonflight they will no longer be unnecessary, because there will be a difference of a dozen levels between them, and they will no longer be relevant.

Most quests carry a reward in the form of gold and many other useful items such as weapons and armor that will help you strengthen your hero, and therefore speed up the completion of tasks and killing monsters.

It is especially important to study the Dragonflight update, which is the newest addition and while completing quest tasks to explore each island with a different type of Dragon, you will receive World of Warcraft gold by helping local researchers and historians.


Hunting should be understood as an activity in game locations in which you will destroy monsters to complete quests, collect resources through profession systems, and simply for the sake of gold, which will drop from enemies in addition to other resources and items from their drop list.

In order to hunt efficiently and correctly and bring out the maximum of valuable items and World of Warcraft gold, you need to follow the following principles:


  1. Before going to the hunting zone, take all possible story and side quests. They can be found in the nearest city in the territory and at the location itself, the main thing is to remain attentive.
  2. Master one profession that is associated with collecting resources and choose it for a future connection with crafting for your character. This could include mining, skinning, and herbal gathering. To do this, you will need either a pickaxe or a carving knife. If you do not plan to craft, but only get pure gold, then choose two professions.
  3. In order to hunt well alone, you need a strong attacking hero who can destroy monsters quickly with the help of attacks and skills. A warrior, rogue, and similar melee heroes can handle this. Mages and archers can kill groups of enemies at once if they systematically maintain distance from them.
  4. The ideal hunting option is to do it as part of a group. By forming a squad of a tank, healer and mass classes, you can get a lot of experience and WoW Dragonflight gold simply while hunting and destroying monsters, and at the same time you will be sufficiently protected from representatives of the enemy faction, who also have access to your location.


In the Dragonflight update, all players who were engaged in professions before, or began to do so with the release of the add-on, will be able to significantly improve their gold production using the order table and the new crafting system.

Firstly, now all artisans will have a convenient interface with tips and advice on obtaining all the necessary resources and drawings.

Secondly, now you can actually earn money from crafting, producing literally everything for other players, and not green-quality items put up for auction as before.

Thirdly, now every master of the profession who produces any items can choose a specialization and create truly valuable and important items, such as enhanced weapons and armor, which will cost much more than gold at the auction.

The most in demand profession and one of the most popular is the blacksmith, since he creates all types of weapons from steel, which are the majority, installs sockets for inserting gems with different characteristics, produces tools for himself and other artisans and all this has a price in WoW gold, which you can earn on direct orders through the craft table.

The second most popular, but not the easiest, can be called jewelry making class, since these craftsmen create jewelry that protects players from magic and negative effects, and without it there will be a quick death on the battlefield. Jewelers also create the same stones with the characteristics that blacksmiths install.

Jewelers can also produce magic orbs – weapons that battle mages use to attack enemies. Orb has a lower spell casting speed, but it has good damage relative to staves, which can be used to craft and sell these products to get gold in World of Warcraft.

Buying gold

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Gold is transferred through exchange from player to player and to give the process the status of a transaction, the player is required to transfer any low-value item in exchange for the gold provided.

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