Colony Defense Is Now Available on Nintendo Switch

Eradicate the Creeps in Colony Defense

McPeppergames is delighted to announce that their latest title, Colony Defense is now available on the Nintendo Switch. You can purchase it right now on the eShop for just $9.98. It is also available on Early Access on Android devices and PC via Steam, so make sure to check it out as well. To build up the hype, take a look at the gameplay trailer below.

Colony Defense is a highly addictive minimalist atmospheric strategy tower defense game. It seamlessly blends classic strategy games with puzzle logic without any unnecessary complex elements. This combined with tactics and planning, creates a unique and fascinating gaming experience.

You will begin your journey into the depths of space across the universe. The main objective is to save as many human colonies as possible from mysterious attacking creeps. Be sure to warm up your battle turrets and compete in epic battles to protect space colonies from these attacking creeps and save them from destruction.

Use a variety of weapons to tackle the attacks, such as plasma weapons, lasers, and missiles. Or just nuke them using bombs on the entire battlefield and unleash hell upon them. Are you ready to enjoy the ultimate, unique, atmospheric, and unparalleled tower base defense game ever?