All You Need Is Help Is Coming Out This Fall

Join the Fun in All You Need Is Help

The indie game studio Q-Games Ltd. has announced their latest upcoming title All You Need Is Help. It will be coming out on Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam in Fall 2024. The game will also be available on Xbox and PC Game Pass. Check out the official trailer below to get a glimpse of it.

All You Need Is Help is a quirky multiplayer co-op puzzle game. It features cute, fluffy cube-shaped creatures collaborating to reach their goals. These creatures with odd shapes can jostle with each other to solve various puzzles together. When you are in a sticky situation, shout out “Help” and your friends will surely rescue you. Turn the power of friendships into friend-shapes.

The game has intuitive, straightforward controls which is ideal for people of all ages. Control creatures with different shapes in each level to overcome challenges. They can move around freely, however, they cannot rotate at all.

This is where teamwork comes into action. Join hands with up to three friends to overcome obstacles and reach the goal together. You can enjoy it online with friends from around the globe. There is a voice feature as well that makes the gaming sessions lively as well.