The Fall of Elena Temple Officially Announced for Steam and Consoles

Feel the Nostalgia in The Fall of Elena Temple

The one-man indie game studio GrimTalin is delighted to announce that its upcoming puzzle platformer titled The Fall of Elena Temple will be released in the coming months. The game will be available on Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5, and Steam. Moreover, a free demo is already live on Steam for everyone to try out.

The Fall of Elena Temple

The Fall of Elena Temple is an old-school puzzle platformer where you explore rooms, avoid perils, and collect all coins to progress. It is also a sequel to the 2018 title The Adventures of Elena Temple. Following her journey, she falls into yet another dungeon.

Now, she must make use of her newfound ability to undo her falls to collect all the coins through twenty puzzle rooms. There are three bonus levels after completing the dungeons as well. The undo crystal allows her to undo her falls up to five times, depending on the room.

Put your logical thinking skills to the test at every level. Make sure to plan properly before falling off as there will be times when you are unable to restore to the top of the ledge. There are plenty of obstacles to overcome, including crumbling platforms, teleporters, locked doors, spiders, and many more.

Elena can also find useful items in the dungeon that will aid her in the journey. The game features nostalgic retro aesthetics with monochrome pixel art, reminding us of the classics. So, are you ready for an epic platforming journey and complete all the levels?