Shoomer Booter Will Blast the Monsters on Steam in June

Annihilate Your Foes in Shoomer Booter

The indie solo developer Tommy Gun Walrus is proud to announce the release date for the upcoming title Shoomer Booter. The game will be coming out on Steam on 21 June 2024. Moreover, there is a free demo available on the platform that allows players to experience the first level along with 10-15 minutes of gameplay.

Shoomer Booter

Shroomer Booter is an action-packed first-person shooter that seamlessly incorporates Shoomerian myths in the game. It takes huge inspiration from retro titles like Doom and Daikatana. You step inside the shoes of a soy boy who unexpectedly stumbles upon an ancient beard ointment.

Every night, he embodies a Sumerian warrior, tracing his lineage to Gibil in his dream and embarking on a perilous journey through a malevolent realm. Prepare to immerse yourself in a hand-drawn pixel art world where dangers lurk around every corner.

Fight against various terrifying monsters that progressively transform into more malevolent forms. Craft your unique playstyles and build a powerful arsenal with a plethora of weapons. This includes devastating shotguns, lethal rifles, and explosive launchers. Each weapon has the potential to wreak havoc and annihilate your foes.

The game features a robust soundtrack with powerful electric guitar riffs and energetic drums that enhance the overall experience. So, are you ready to witness the saga of a mere soy boy as he combats hordes of monsters in his sleep?