Reality Patrol Will Start the Mission on Steam in Q3 2024

Join the Reality Patrol

Reality Patrol, the upcoming game from the independent game studio Mad Knight is coming out on Steam in Q3 2024. For now, there is no specific release date yet. A free demo version is also available on the platform for everyone to try out with 5 languages localization. This includes French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Russian.

Reality Patrol

Reality Patrol is a third-person person steal-action game where you play as an agent on a mission to protect history. You will travel to different time periods and take down the most absurd villains from changing the past. Disguise yourself and utilize all your sci-fi gadgets and skills to safeguard these timelines.

Your goal is to complete your assignment with maximum efficiency, all the while working quietly to avoid changing human history. There are multiple ways to complete every objective. Find the best possible way in every situation and stop the evil villains from messing around with the fabric of time. So, are you ready to save the timeline and protect the history from changing forever?

You can put Reality Patrol on your wishlist right now on Steam. And to build up the hype, make sure to take a look at the official trailer below.