Keep Keepers Demo Is Out Now on Steam

Try the Co-op Mode in Keep Keepers

The indie game studio Thunderrock Innovations is proud to announce that the highly anticipated demo of Keep Keepers is now available on Steam. It will allow players to dive right into a world of adventure and excitement and provide a first-hand experience before its official release sometime in 2024.

Keep Keepers


Keep Keepers is an online co-op multiplayer game that combines tower defense and automation games with roguelike gameplay. Join with up to 3 friends and defend your keep, all the while managing the economy to buy new automated weapons. Each weapon comes with its own strength and all of them can annihilate the enemies.

The key to success in the game is to find the right balance between the economy and defense. Players can use explosives to mine diamonds, sell them in the shop, and invest them in enhancing the defenses. It is easy to pick up and play but offers surprising depth which is hard to master. The enemies, challenges, tools, and weapons also change every run, enhancing its replayability.

Take a look at the key features of the demo:

– Projectile Weapons: Experience the first of at least 6 weapon categories.

– Greenwood Keep: Survive the first fifteen nights in Greenwood Keep and try out different strategies.

– Online Co-op: Play alone or together with up to 3 friends. Local co-op will be added to the demo further down the road.

– Hunt Highscores: Optimize your strategies and try to beat the top 20 players.

Make sure to watch the gameplay trailer below.