Pine Hearts Deals With Loss With Next Fest Demo

Emotional Adventure

Sometimes emotional reflection isn’t just a walk in the park. Yet, sometimes, it is. Occasionally, a simple walk is all you really need, a hike through emotions and a hike through a park. Today,  Little Nook, part of Hyper Luminal Games, is happy to announce that their emotional adventure puzzler, Pine Hearts, is bringing a demo to Steam Next Fest. Inviting players to a wholesome journey, the game allows players a chance to explore a wholesome refuge to relax and reflect. Importantly, a trailer gives players a glimpse of the game and what they can expect from this journey. 

Pine Hearts

Pine Hearts invites players to journey into Caravan Park. Players step into the hiking boots of Tyke and begin an adventure through the twisting trails of the park. On this journey, Tyke is able to solve puzzles, discover tools, and meet new friends that will help him on his journey. All the while, players will be able to engage in Tyke’s memories of coming to the park with his father. Of course, the game aims to evoke an emotional experience through its heartfelt-narrative. Interestingly, every inch of the park has small details and secrets to discover. Additionally, exploring the different parts of the park can trigger memories for Tyke to explore further.

The Pine Hearts demo coming to Steam Next Fest gives players a chance to plant their feet in the park. The demo allows players to explore the first region of the park. Additionally, the demo allows players to help a rather eccentric camper track down a monster living in the woods. Of course, players can check out the game’s trailer for a glimpse of what they can hope to see.

Pine Hearts is bringing its demo to Steam Next Fest from February 5th-12th.