Nintendo Switch Successor Chips Reportedly in Development

Latest Reuters Exclusive Fuels Speculation on Switch Successor

The persistent rumors surrounding the potential successor to the Nintendo Switch continue to gain traction, with the latest report adding fuel to the speculation. Reuters, in an “exclusive” reveal, sheds light on Nvidia’s purported involvement in crafting bespoke chips for hardware firms, particularly highlighting their collaboration with Nintendo for the development of the next-generation handheld system.

According to the news agency, Nvidia is establishing a new business unit dedicated to the creation of custom chips tailored for various hardware manufacturers. Citing an undisclosed source, Reuters suggests that Nvidia has engineered a unique design specifically for Nintendo’s upcoming handheld device, signaling a significant partnership between the two tech giants.

The report touches upon the existing relationship between Nintendo and Nvidia, noting that the current Nintendo Switch already integrates Nvidia’s Tegra X1 chip. However, the forthcoming iteration of the Switch, slated for release this year, is anticipated to feature a custom-designed chip from Nvidia, potentially enhancing the console’s performance and capabilities.

Despite the compelling details provided in the report, Nintendo has remained tight-lipped regarding the latest developments. However, the absence of official confirmation does little to quell the mounting anticipation among fans and industry observers. The consistent ties to Nvidia and the projected launch window align closely with previous rumors, further solidifying the validity of the ongoing speculation.

Adding to the growing discourse surrounding the purported Switch successor, Bloomberg previously reported on the anticipated release of new Nintendo hardware in 2024. An analyst, cited in the report, hinted at the inclusion of an 8-inch LCD screen, hinting at potential advancements in display technology.

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