Inkbound Ventures From Early Access in April

Beyond the Early Access

Developing out of the earliest stages of its journey, this genre bending adventure is priming to fully release. You aren’t going to want to miss these storybooks, especially when you get to help shape the narrative. Today, developers Shiny Shoe are excited to announce that their tactical roguelike, Inkbound, is leaving Early Access in April. Inviting players to step into a world of stories, the game allows players to take control of various characters each with remarkable abilities. An adventure through the Atheneum Library is sure to invoke many tales, and just as many dangers. Of course, this full launch will include a brand new content drop, “Rise of the Unbound”. 


Inkbound introduces players to a new take on the turn-based roguelike genre. Whether solo, or with a friend, the game allows players to engage in turn-based battles with a variety of characters. Importantly, each character will provide players with their own unique playstyles. Interestingly, the game is completely free roam outside of combat. This means that players can explore an overworld before jumping into tactical turn-based battles in various worlds. Of course, with the coming full-release of the game, Inkbound is also introducing players to a new content update. The update, “Rise of the Unbound”, is introducing players to a host of new content.

Inkbound’s upcoming content update is bringing with it a whole new questline with a ferocious new final boss. Additionally, the update is coming with various new challenges, new cinematics, and gameplay options. Furthermore, the final boss of the update is the villain behind the unravelling world of the game.

Inkbound is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access. It will leave Early Access on April 10th.