Harvest Hunt Stalks Towards May Release

Folk Horror This Way Comes

Desolate lands reveal a forsaken village. Here, horrific creatures from the nightmares of folklore stalk the innocent. It is up to the Warden of the land to defend them. Of course, it is your choice to don the Warden’s mask and become the protector of the people. The gods only know what awaits you in these strange lands. Today, Villainous Games Studio and Neonhive Games are happy to announce the release date for their upcoming roguelite, Harvest Hunt. Releasing in May, the game allows players to explore the desolate world of Luna Nova. Interestingly, the game combines roguelite elements with survival and narrative elements to create a unique horror adventure. Of course, a new trailer shows of the world of Harvest Hunt as well as its terrifying contents.

Harvest Hunt

Harvest Hunt allows players to become the Warden. As defender of their village, players will face off against nightmarish monsters during nightfall and prepare themselves for battle during the day. Importantly, players have access to an arsenal of otherworldly powers for a unique tarot-based system known as Whispers. Interestingly, these Whispers ensure that no two runs of the game are ever the same. Players are able to choose from different Whispers, combining them to create unique combos. Additionally, there are various secrets to discover in the lands of Luna Nova. No two Warden’s will ever share the same journey.

Of course, players can get a look at Harvest Hunt in the new trailer. Check it out below.

Harvest Hunt is releasing in May of 2024 for PC via Steam.