Children of the Sun Scopes In on PC

One Shot is All it Takes

Sometimes you only have one shot at vengeance. Literally. So, you had better make it a really good shot. Everything could be riding on it. Luckily, this bullet is pretty special. Today, Devolver Digital and indie developer ​​René Rother are happy to announce their upcoming third-person shooter adventure, Children of the Sun. Inviting players to an atmospheric and stylish experience, players will follow a character known as The Girl as aims to take revenge on The Cult who ruined her life. Interestingly the game combines stealth, shooting ,and puzzle-like mechanics to create a unique gameplay experience. An announcement trailer shows off the physics defying ballistics of the game. 

Children of the Sun

Children of the Sun places players in the shoes of protagonist, The Girl. Following the cult that ruined her life, players will seek vengeance armed with a sniper rifle. However, there is a catch. Each place The Girl tracks the cult too she is only equipped with one bullet in her gun. This means players will only have one shot per level. Yet, there is another trick up The Girl’s sleeve. Her bullets are special and can change direction after being fired. Of course, players will need to hit their targets correctly or cost themselves their vengeance. Importantly, this allows each level to play out with puzzle-like gravity-defying ballistics.

Interestingly, players can get a look at Children of the Sun in the announcement trailer. Check it out below.

Children of the Sun is currently in development and set to release on PC via Steam in 2024.