Ultra Mega Cats Bringing Catlike Action to Early Access- 2024

Catlike and Roguelike 

These cats come with character. Alongside fast-paced combat made to hone their reflexes, the claws are coming out. Of course, there’s enough kittens here that you can have a purrty good time. Today, Unseen Silence and Black Drakkar games are excited to announce their co-op action roguelike, Ultra Mega Cats, is entering Early Access this year. Inviting players to a character driven, story-rich, action experience, the game allows players to go it solo or team up with friends as they take control of the Mega Cats and battle through corporate prisons. A new story trailer gives gamers a glimpse at some of the narrative elements of the game. 

Ultra Mega Cats

Ultra Mega Cats invite players to take control of five different cat characters. Each of these Mega Cats is armed and ready to battle through procedurally-generated levels in ever-changing biomes. Importantly, each cat comes with its own distinct personality and story threads. Additionally, they will provide players with a different kind of playstyle. Furthermore, with over 50 different game changing M.O.D.S  for each cat, players can really experiment and find how they want to play. In third-person action, the combat has a focus on being as fast as possible. Yet, there is a goal to the action. Players must progress through corporate prisons on a mission to free three feline gods. Importantly, players don’t have to go it alone. Starting in  Early Access players can play with one other player, but four-player co-op is planned. 

Get a better look at Ultra Mega Cats in the new trailer. Check it out below. 

Ultra Mega Cats is set to release later in 2024. It will be available on PC via Steam.