Touhou Luna Nights PlayStation Release Date Unveiled

The Action Is About to Start in Touhou Luna Nights

The independent video game publisher PLAYISM is proud to announce that Touhou Luna Nights is coming to PlayStation consoles. It is a Touhou Project fan game developed by Team Ladybug and WSS Playground. The game will be available on the PlayStation Store on 25 January 2024.

Touhou Luna Nights

Touhou Luna Nights is a 2D Metroidvania game with a heavy emphasis on exploration and action. The head vampire of the Scarlet Devil Mansion Remillia Scarlet sends her maid Sakuya without any warning to the world of Luna Nights. It is a world full of strange places, strange youkai, and her time manipulation sealed. Sakuya has no other choice than to fight her way out of this place, hence begins her story.

The action of the game is based on Sakuya’s inherent ability to freeze time and her knife-throwing skills, executed through awesome and smooth animations. Aside from that, there is also the traditional Touhou Graze system, which allows you to evade enemy attacks just in time to replenish HP and MP for intense gameplay.

On her way, Sakuya must face other Touhou protagonists and characters. This includes Reimu Hakurei, Marisa Kirisame, Remilia, and her sister Flandre Scarlet. So, are you ready to enjoy this awesome and flashy game?

To build up the hype, take a look at the official PS4 and PS4 announcement trailer below.