The Tribe Must Survive Brings Lovecraft to the Stone Age

Lovecraftian Strategy

The shadowy parts of the world have been terrifying to humans since the dawn of time. Yet, the darkness was especially scary in the stone age. When things unknown lurk in the dark, fire is your only salvation. There is far worse than animals out there in the night. Today, Walking Tree Games and Starbreeze Entertainment are happy to announce that their roguelike strategy game, The Tribe Must Survive, is coming to Steam Early Access. Releasing to Early Access on February 22nd, the game invites players to take control of a tribe of cavepeople. in a terrifying prehistoric world full of eldritch nightmares. A gameplay trailer from last month gives players a look at the game. 

The Tribe Must Survive

The Tribe Must Survive tasks players with helping their colony of cavepeople survive in an increasingly nightmarish world. Importantly, the task of gathering resources and developing the tribe falls to the player. It will be on your shoulders how you lead the tribe forward. Will you send scouts out to the wilderness to gather resources? Or do you use what you have available? Interestingly, each member of the tribe has their own personalities that will mesh or clash with other members of the tribe. Keeping the peace within the tribe is essential. However, the threats reach far beyond the internal. Outside, in the darkness of the world, Lovecraftian horrors lurk and hunger for your tribe. Ensure you have the resources to defend yourself, risk workers to gather more, or perish and start again.

Importantly, The Tribe Must Survive, offers many ways to play. With multiple different tribes to experiment as, players can develop the playstyle that suits them best. Get a look at the gameplay below in a gameplay trailer.

The Tribe Must Survive is releasing to Steam Early Access on February 22nd.