Steam Now Requires Games to Disclose Their Use of AI-Generated Content

Steam Enhances Transparency with New AI-Generated Content Disclosure on Game Pages

Valve has introduced a new feature on Steam pages, revealing information about games utilizing AI-generated content. As part of updated guidelines, developers must disclose their use of AI during game development and execution, categorizing it into two types: Pre-Generated and Live-Generated.

Under Pre-Generated AI, developers commit not to include illegal or infringing content, aligning with marketing promises. Valve evaluates AI-generated content during pre-release reviews to ensure adherence to these commitments. Live-generated AI, involving content created while the game is running, demands additional disclosure regarding safeguards against illegal content generation.

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This disclosure aims to inform users about the nature of AI involvement in games, fostering transparency in purchasing decisions. Valve emphasizes its commitment to evaluating AI-generated content similarly to non-AI content, ensuring compliance with established guidelines.

Players gain the ability to report content they believe violates Valve’s policies through the in-game overlay. This reporting mechanism empowers users to flag instances where AI-generated content may bypass established guardrails.

The move reflects Valve’s dedication to maintaining a fair gaming environment, aligning with industry-wide efforts to address concerns related to AI-generated content. By introducing these guidelines and transparency measures, Valve aims to foster a more informed and accountable gaming ecosystem on the Steam platform.