Seal: What the Fun – A Hilarious and Casual Party Game

Enjoy Laughing in Seal: WHAT the FUN

PLAYWITH KOREAN and its subsidiary PLAYWITH GAMES proudly present Seal: WHAT the FUN to all the gamers in the world. It is an incredibly hilarious party game that anyone can play and enjoy. This game will be coming out on Xbox consoles and PC via Steam in 2024, so keep your eyes out.

Seal: WHAT the FUN

In Seal: WHAT the FUN, you will take control of unique characters from Seal IP and play various minigames with others. It allows up to 20 players to enjoy a range of rounds in less than 10 minutes. This includes shooting, racing, climbing, surviving, and matching puzzles. Be careful though, these games can get quite competitive.

This game is sure to stand out from the rest in this genre because of its heavy focus on the fun factor. You will witness hilarious situations and enjoy laughing like there is no tomorrow. These random moments will stay in your memory longer than you expected.

Additionally, the developer is planning to add a variety of mini-games, new features, and customization options in the future as well.

Here are some key features:

– Run, jump, and win: Run, Jump, and Win! Reach the finish line and stand on the podium by any means.
– A new design: Various rounds from shooting, racing, climbing, surviving, and matching puzzles. Without idle moment.
– Unpredictable excitement: Cooperate, Compete, and Betray! Be aware of squads and ready for unpredictable obstacles and get exciting items.
– Personalized style: Play with style! Customize your squad and express it with a variety of emojis, visual effects, and other features.

To build up the hype, take a look at the official gameplay trailer below to get a glimpse of the gameplay.