Spellbound Survivors Patch Update Is Here

Experience Spellbound Survivors Like Never Before

ToastedSquadStudios is thrilled to announce the release of the latest update for their top-down roguelike game, Spellbound Survivors. There will be multiple language support coming soon as well. The developer also mentioned that the Linux compatibility is also working perfectly. And the team is also making sure the game runs flawlessly on Linux too.

Spellbound Survivors

To ensure smoother and more polished gameplay, there will be regular, fixed-hour patches. So, make sure to keep an eye out for these consistent updates.

Patch Update Highlights:

Bug fixes

– Esc and Gamepad B buttons are now associated with going back through the menus and pausing/unpausing
– Full-screen mode is now a borderless window to avoid issues when changing focus
– Keyboard buttons (E/R) can now be used to navigate the legend bar items
– Fixed treasure hitbox
– Fixed loots on level-up reward
– Removed map effects on the final boss fight


– Some ultimate attacks are stronger now
– Increased move speed gain from power-up
– Added dash and ultimate power-ups
– Optimized Lightning and Poison evolutions
– Enemies don’t spawn in boss fights
– Bosses are faster, with more attacks and less cooldown
– The first boss on each map now also has an attack
– Replaced coin pickup with 10 coins
– Ronin’s ultimate last slashes have been increased
– Updated loots reward icon
– Power-up rank now appears on the left page of the book
– Updated Rainfall Haven and Ancient Sand to remove obstacles enemies could pass and players couldn’t
– Updated move speed icon and swift icon
– Quit button in pause menu now go to the results screen
– The legend bar is disabled until the ultimate attack is finished
– Exile doesn’t skip level up reward anymore
– Bosses teleport when they are too far from the player