Lil Guardsman Gets Questioning Today

Time to Get Guarding 

Sometimes one has big shoes to fill. Especially when those shoes are guard boots meant to protect the city. Of course, this story is yours. Yet, its important to remember that everyone else has a story too. So, when you’re filling these guard shoes try to determine whose stories pose a threat. Today, Developer Hilltop Studios, in collaboration with Versus Evil, is happy to announce the release of their point-and-click adventure, Lil Guardsman. Inviting gamers to a comedic and fun-filled adventure, the game allows players to assume the role of the titular character on a deductive adventure through a fantasy city. 

Lil Guardsman

Lil Guardsman puts the player in the shoes of the titular character, Lil. The daughter of a city guard, Lil steps into her father’s role for a day to fulfill his duties. Interestingly, players will explore a fantasy city and conduct deductive measures around people trying to enter the city. Of course, as a guardsman, Lil will interrogate the various characters that aim to enter the city. However, the consequences can be severe. Letting the wrong person into the city can be catastrophic. So, players will need to be very careful in order to protect the city and its royal family. Importantly, players will have an arsenal of investigative tools to help Lil on her mission.

Players can get a look at Lil Guardsman in the new release trailer. Check out the trailer for a look at the game’s art style and point-and-click gameplay.

Lil Guardsman is out now on  PC, Switch, PlayStation, and Xbox Series consoles.