Gods Against Machines Is Coming to Steam in February

Defend Your World in Gods Against Machines

Get ready to become God and defend your home from alien machines. The Czech Republic-based developer Silver Eye Studios has announced the release date for their upcoming title Gods Against Machines. This action rogue-lite real-time strategy game is coming to PC via Steam on 23 February for just $10.99.

Gods Against Machines

In Gods Against Machines, you will become a warrior god, tasked with defending the world from ruthless attacks from alien machines. Arm yourself with a variety of customizable spells, you will embark on an epic quest to take down giant robots and their machine armies. It features more than four dozen spells, randomly generated maps and roguelike meta-progression.

The game also has a unique approach to regular real-time strategy campaigns as well. You will be able to skip missions as you please, and even choose the difficulty that you want to play. Skipping missions will make the progress faster, however, you will receive fewer upgrades, making it more challenging.

Key features:

– Fast-paced action in a real-time strategy setting
– Endless replayability thanks to procedurally generated maps and random rewards
– Massive number of possible builds using over 60 different spells and hundreds of passive bonuses
– Roguelite meta progression that enables new and different playstyles
– Beautiful stylized low poly graphics and original epic soundtrack

To build up the hype, take a look at the official trailer below.