Black Dragon Mage Demo Is Out Now on Steam

Ride the Dragon in Black Dragon Mage

The solo indie developer Datablob is happy to announce that the demo version of Black Dragon Mage is now available on Steam. In this demo, players will get an opportunity to explore two different environments, namely The Desert of Legion and Graveheart Hollow.

Players will also get to use four main weapons and choose their favorite elements from fire, ice, void, and lightning. There are several meta upgrades for purchase in the Hall of Relics, serving as a form of progression in the rogue-lite style. These upgrades can also combine them during each successive run.

Black Dragon Mage

Black Dragon Mage is a dark fantasy, action-roguelike, top-down bullet heaven shooter. It features 16-bit style retro visuals, hordes of demonic enemies, challenging boss battles, and a variety of builds to explore. There is even a dragon companion system that players can ride on the battlefield.

This dragon mount consumes the energy of the main staff and serves as an ultimate attack. You can summon it temporarily by replenishing the mana bar through the consumption of potions.

Besides the dragon, the combat revolves around the player’s agency. They can aim their attacks manually and must manage their ammo and timing properly. Spells are activated in real-time using the Hotbar and play a crucial strategic role in surviving the 15-minute timer on the battlefield.

Not only that, players can also pick their combination of three spells to keep in their hotbar in any preferred sequence. They can achieve this by leveling up, gaining experience, and collecting loot drops. The spells mainly encompass defensive, magical, and offensive attributes.

Black Dragon Mage will be coming out in Q1 of 2024, so keep an eye out for it.