Bethesda’s New Indiana Jones Game Title Potentially Leaked

Bethesda’s Indiana Jones Game Title Potentially Leaked: “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle”

Ahead of Bethesda’s planned January reveal, the title of their upcoming Indiana Jones game may have surfaced. Lucasfilm recently registered domains, including “Indiana Jones and the Great Circle,” hinting at the potential name.

The leak was spotted by a vigilant user, Kurakasis, who noticed Lucasfilm’s domain registrations explicitly mentioning “game”. Furthermore, the European trademark filed by Lucasfilm two years ago for “The Great Circle” encompassed video games among its intended uses.

Indiana Jones

MachineGames, the Swedish studio behind the modern Wolfenstein series, is developing the highly anticipated Indiana Jones game, announced in January 2021. Microsoft confirmed that MachineGames will showcase the action-adventure title during an Xbox and Bethesda presentation on January 18 through the Developer_Direct.

Initially planned for PlayStation, the game will now be exclusive to Xbox and PC, including a day-one release on Game Pass, following Microsoft’s acquisition of ZeniMax Media, MachineGames’ parent company.

The presentation promises over 10 minutes of gameplay and developer insights, shedding light on the game’s setting, story, and the unique experience of playing as Indy. Fans can anticipate a closer look at Indy’s next globe-trotting adventure, culminating in the premiere of the first gameplay trailer.