The Last Soldier of the Ming Dynasty Arrived Today on Steam

Become the Last Soldier of the Ming Dynasty

Get ready to immerse yourself in traditional Chinese ink painting landscapes! Developer Circuit_Art and publisher 2P Games have released their latest title The Last Soldier of the Ming Dynasty today. The game is now available on PC via Steam for just $13.49 with a 10% launch discount.

The Last Soldier of the Ming Dynasty

The Last Soldier of the Ming Dynasty is a 3D action-adventure game. It takes place during the Jiajing period of the Ming Dynasty. You will step inside the shoes of a Qi army soldier, tasked with fighting Japanese pirate raids and pacifying the sea.

Unfortunately, your unit’s boat got shipwrecked and you find yourself on the shore of Ryukyu Island. The Japanese pirates called Wokou controls this island and they are the ones responsible for terrorizing your kingdom.

The only friend you have on your side is your trusted sword. Explore the landscapes of the island, and go toe-to-toe against 5 pirate bosses. Each one of them has its unique characteristics. Engage in intense melee combats and make sure your people are safe again.

The game’s art style takes inspiration from traditional Chinese ink and wash paintings. This technique beautifully paints every scene, from blades to majestic mountains. This provides a unique visual experience to all the players.

Key features:

– Experience tactical combat, and study your opponent’s movements to execute your attacks at the most precise time. Or you can even disarm them and use their weapons against them!
– Choose your combat style, from close-quarters melee weapons to long-range bows and arrows. Each piece of weaponry is meticulously recreated to reflect its origins in real historical contexts. The choice is only yours.
– Enjoy a traditional yet unique art style inspired by traditional Chinese ink and wash paintings.
– Defeat five bosses, each one of them with different abilities and fighting styles.