Terra Nil Has Finally Arrived on Nintendo Switch

Terra Nil Is Here to Terraform

We have exciting news for everyone! The Game Award-nominated ecological strategy game, Terra Nil is now available on the Nintendo Switch. The independent South African video game developer Free Lives developed this highly acclaimed title and Devolver Digital is the publisher.

Terra Nil is a serene and relaxing city-building game where you use technological resources for the revitalization of barren landscapes. Transform these wasteland into flourishing and vibrant ecosystems. Restore the soil, purify the oceans, plant trees, and make the land safe for wildlife to revive these deteriorating environments. All the while ensuring a thorough cleanup to leave no trace of your presence.

Embark on this calming ecological journey across four procedurally generated biomes. This includes volcanic glaciers, ruined cities, and tropical islands, each awaiting restoration to its natural state through your endless efforts.

With their distinct climates, geology, fauna, and flora, each biome offers a unique universe for you to explore. From crafting swamps and rainforests to shaping rivers, witness the revival of life and colors on these barren lands.

Initially available on PC (Steam) and mobile via Netflix, Terra Nil is now making its debut on the Nintendo Switch, providing an ideal platform for you to contribute to nature’s revival from any corner of the planet.