Ship of Fools Release “Fish and Ships” Update Today

A Sea of Fun Awaits

Ahoy matey, it’s time to hop back on the ship and begin a new adventure. There is a lot to be done in the Great Lighthouse to restore it to its former glory. So, fools, board your ships and fight your way to greatness. Or sink to Davy Jones’ locker. Today, Ika Productions and Team17 are happy to announce the release of the newest update for their co-op roguelite, Ship of Fools. The free update, titled “Fish and Ships”, introduces players to a whole new story, a new character, new unique rewards, and more. Of course, a new trailer presents players with a look at the update and all of its silly glory. 

Ship of Fools

Ship of Fools lets a player and a friend embark on a high seas adventure full of antics and adventure. Importantly, players will embark on their very own ships and face off against horrific creatures from the deep. Of course, keeping the ship afloat is no easy task. During the heat of battle players will be responsible for repairing damage, reloading and rotating cannons, aboard their very own ship, the Stormstrider. Yet, that is far from all. Players will be able to upgrade their crew to allow for almost endless replayability. Now, with the arrival of the new update, players can say hello to the newest character on their crew, Otto the Reverse Kraken.

Obviously, Otto is only one piece of the content coming to Ship of Fools. The new update also allows players to test themselves in a series of difficult challenges. Check out the launch trailer for the update below. 

Ship of Fools Fish and Ships update is out now on all platforms including PC via Steam