Nintendo Unveils Switch Year in Review

Reflecting on Your Nintendo Switch Adventures, from Tears of the Kingdom to Mario Wonder

As the year draws to a close, Nintendo has joined the retrospective festivities by introducing the Switch Year in Review, a personalized wrap-up showcasing your gaming journey on the popular hybrid console. Following in the footsteps of PlayStation and Xbox’s own year-end reviews, Nintendo’s latest feature delves into your most-played games, total hours immersed in gameplay, and much more, offering an insightful glimpse into your 2023 gaming experience.

Your Switch, Your Story:

The Switch Year in Review offers Switch enthusiasts a detailed breakdown of their gaming statistics, providing an overview of the titles that dominated their playtime throughout the year. This personalized account allows users to determine whether The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom or Super Mario Bros. Wonder claimed the lion’s share of their gaming hours, settling the age-old debate of which iconic franchise reigned supreme in 2023.

Comparing the Platforms:

While Sony’s PlayStation Wrap-Up focuses on earned trophies and Microsoft’s Year in Review highlights unlocked achievements, Nintendo takes a unique approach. Instead of a comparable feature, the Switch Year in Review delves into your favorite genres, giving a personalized touch to the retrospective analysis. The website also serves as a trip down memory lane by reminding users of their first-played game of the year.

Monthly Breakdown and Game of the Year:

Nintendo’s website doesn’t stop at an annual overview. It goes a step further by providing a monthly breakdown of hours played, revealing insights into which game captivated your attention each month, from the early days of January to the festive season in December. The Switch Year in Review even encourages users to declare their Game of the Year for 2023, fostering a sense of engagement and reflection within the gaming community.

What Lies Ahead for 2024:

As Nintendo Switch owners bid farewell to 2023, a glimpse into the future awaits. The early months of 2024 promise exciting experiences, with remakes such as Another Code: Recollection launching in January and the highly anticipated Mario vs. Donkey Kong slated for a February release. These upcoming titles ensure that Switch enthusiasts have plenty to look forward to as they embark on a new gaming chapter in the coming year.