Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Features Delayed to 2024

New Game Plus and Audio Descriptions Among Upcoming Updates for Acclaimed Spider-Man Title

Insomniac Games has revealed that anticipated features for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, including New Game Plus and audio descriptions, will experience delays and are now slated for release in 2024. The developer cited the need for additional testing to ensure that the quality of these features aligns with their standards.

In a statement addressing the delay, Insomniac assured fans that the team is diligently working on these features and intends to deliver a comprehensive update in Early 2024. The company pledged to share a feature-complete list closer to the update’s release, responding to player feedback by incorporating highly requested additions. Notable among these is the ability to alter the time of day, customize tendril colors, and replay missions, promising an enriched gaming experience.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, which debuted in October exclusively for the PS5, achieved remarkable success, boasting over 2.5 million copies sold within its initial 24 hours. Originally slated for release before the year’s end, the New Game Plus and daytime change features will now be subject to a slightly extended wait.

The New Game Plus mode, a beloved feature among players, allows them to revisit the Spider-Man 2 experience with all the skills and gear acquired during the initial playthrough. Additionally, the ability to change the time of day adds a dynamic element to the game, allowing players to explore the virtual landscape under different lighting conditions.

While fans may have to exercise a bit more patience for these exciting additions, the delay comes with a promise of delivering a feature-complete experience. The development team, committed to meeting player expectations, aims to introduce not only the highly requested New Game Plus mode and daytime change features but also additional elements like the option to customize tendril colors and replay missions.

Insomniac Games, renowned for its Spider-Man series, is currently working on its next project, Wolverine, set in the same universe as Spider-Man. While specifics about the game are scarce, fans are eager to witness the developer’s take on the iconic mutant superhero.