Loot River Shifts to PlayStation Today

Welcome to the River 

The water ways of the river are coming to PlayStation. Mysterious and full of rare and exotic items, the river invites exploration. Yet, it is not without danger. Are you prepared? Today straka.studio and Superhot Presents are happy to announce the PlayStation release of their Soulslike roguelike game, Loot River. Arriving with a host of new features, the game invites players to journey that blends the genres of soulslike adventure and Tetris-like puzzles for a unique experience. Of course, more is coming with the game’s new release including a new level editor. Importantly, a launch trailer provides a look at the game. 

loot river out today

Loot River places players in a labyrinthic waterway full of cursed monsters. Yet, beyond the monsters, puzzles also await those who brave the subterranean depths. Items, secrets, and more are also beyond the challenges, for whoever is brave enough to defeat them. Importantly, the game allows players to use the power of the “relic” to move the Tetris block-like terrain beneath them. Mastering this challenging concept is key to conquering the river. 

Loot River’s arrival to the PlayStation also heralds several other additions. For instance, the new level editor allows players to create, play and share custom levels with players on other platforms. Additionally, the PlayStation launch ushers in faster frame rates and even more general improvements. OF course, players who have yet to see the game can check it out in the PlayStation launch trailer. 

Loot River is out on PlayStation consoles now. Additionally, the game is already out on PC and Xbox.