Garbage Crew! Is Finally Out Now on Steam

Call the Garbage Crew Right Now

Get ready for a wild and hilarious experience! The one-person studio xeetsh has launched Garbage Crew! on Steam today. Yes, you heard it right, the multiplayer roguelike co-op is finally here to give us a funny ride. The game is available for just $18.99 and promises endless laughter, unexpected challenges, and medieval chaos.

Garbage Crew!

In Garbage Crew!, you will find yourself as a part of a team that is responsible for cleaning a city. Your primary duty is to empty garbage cans and containers. But your greedy boss keeps on adding other jobs for the team that range from firefighting to forest work. There is a major problem as well. The team is always understaffed and the truck as has no intention of stopping to wait for you.

If you think this if the worst thing that could happen to anyone, then you are so wrong. The boss’s DIY time-reverting device had an accident, sending you to medieval times with no way back home. However, this has no effect on your work contract, meaning, you wil have to continue working here as well. And guess what? The town that you just landed is in the middle of a siege.

You and your team must coordinate with one another to complete tasks and reach the goal of the level. There are different jobs and randomized levels that take place in two different environments, each featuring unique mechanics.

Key features:

– Endless Random Levels
– Two completely different settings
– Local Co-op
– Online Coop via Steam Remote Play Together
– Tons of powerups
– Multitasking madness with five unique jobs
– 50+ Different Skins
– Play a level with a custom seed or with custom difficulty