Bzzzt Is Getting Many Positive Reviews From Players and Journalists

Save the World in Bzzzt

Developer Ko.dll and publisher Cinemax Games’s precision platformer title Bzzzt is taking part in the GDS Praque 2023 conference. And guess what? The game is getting so many positive reviews from players and journalists alike.


Here are some of the reviews so far:

– 1st place in Steam Hidden Gems: 100% positive reviews from over 200 players on Steam.

– GamesRadar: “With flashes of Sonic Mania, Celeste, and Super Meat Boy, this out-of-nowhere indie gem might be one of the best 2D platformers I’ve ever played.”

– GameGrin 95/100: “Bzzzt is definitely everything I want in a retro-style platformer. It’s fun with great controls and music to make you keep going even after 100 deaths. I cannot recommend this game enough.”

– 9/10: “An incredibly addictive platformer with adorable graphics and a fantastic musical score. Its gameplay captivates newcomers and challenges experienced players alike, and if you aim to collect everything, you’re in for a decent challenge.”

Bzzzt is a fast-paced “jump-dash-run” retro game that takes place in the year 4096. Doctor Emily and Professor Norbert are working on a highly classified project in a secret laboratory. Their joint efforts became fruitful in the form of a tiny robot called ZX8000.

Meanwhile, the evil mad scientist, Badbert prepares to unleash his wicked plans on the unsuspecting world. But it will take some time as he needs to find the perfect balance between darkness, malice, and madness. Now it is up to ZX8000 to save the world and put an end to the Badbert.