Blade Prince Academy Gets Tactical With New Trailer

A School For Assassins 

Becoming an assassin requires poise, skill, and class. Specifically, it requires classes, as in school. Luckily, there is an academy to teach you just the tricks to eliminate any target. Today, FireSquid Games happily unveiled a new trailer for their upcoming tactical RPG, Blade Prince Academy. The trailer, titled “Character Trailer”, showcases three specific characters and what makes them special. Of course, there are many characters to meet in the game, but these three are a great introduction. 

Blade Prince Academy

Blade Prince Academy introduces players to the twisted city of Abjectalia. Importantly, the city is dark, yet full of magical warriors. Taking control of these magical protégés, players will face off against powerful enemies and bosses as they build their own unique squad. Of course, the game takes place at a school. As such, these students will find time to study and grow in power when they aren’t on missions. Yet, the setting also offers the chance for these warriors to develop relationships with one another and test them through trials. 

Interestingly, the new trailer for Blade Prince Academy shows off three specific characters. Take a look at the dual sword wielding Phoebos, the sniper O’ren, and the powerful sorceress Diamante. Of course, each character has their specialty. For instance, area damage or eliminating aligned enemies. Each has their own special abilities and skills but the key is figuring out how these different characters work together. Check out the trailer below for a look at these characters. 

Blade Prince Academy will be arriving to Steam in 2024.