Xbox Unveils Edible Chocolate Controller for Wonka Crossover

Xbox Has Revealed a New Wonka-Themed Series X Console With an Edible Chocolate Controller

Microsoft collaborates with Hollywood, presenting a mouthwatering Wonka-themed Xbox Series X featuring an edible chocolate controller. Celebrating the upcoming Wonka film, this delectable console resembles the iconic Wonka bar, featuring a chocolate-themed exterior with a wafer-like grill on top.

Microsoft takes the sweetness a step further by offering the chance to win an edible Xbox Controller, crafted entirely from 100% pure chocolate and wrapped in Wonka’s signature gold wrapper. While the console itself is not for consumption, this edible accessory is a delightful bonus for the lucky winner.

Wonka Themed Xbox

To enter this tantalizing sweepstakes, participants need to be legal residents of an Xbox-supported country, aged at least 18. The entry process involves having a Twitter account, following the Xbox account, and retweeting the promotional post with the sweepstakes hashtag.

With the Wonka film set to release on December 15 in the US, starring Timothee Chalamet as the iconic chocolatier, Microsoft’s collaboration adds an extra layer of excitement. The movie follows Wonka’s journey to revolutionize the candy industry, facing challenges from a syndicate that controls the sweet trade.

As gaming and cinema enthusiasts await the film’s release, Microsoft’s delectable Xbox Series X promises not only a visually appealing console but also a chance to savour the world of Wonka with an edible controller, making this collaboration a unique and delightful experience for fans.