Xbox Game Pass Bid Farewell to November Removals

Seven Titles, Including Battlefield Series, Set to Depart as Microsoft Announces Latest Game Pass Catalog Changes

Microsoft has unveiled the upcoming removals from the Xbox Game Pass catalog, with a total of seven titles bidding adieu, and among them, three iconic Battlefield games are taking their leave. On November 30, Battlefield 1943, Battlefield: Bad Company, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 will exit the catalog. These titles are presently accessible through the EA Play library, a part of the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription. The reason behind their departure is linked to the cessation of servers supporting each game.

Joining the Battlefield trio in the departure are Anvil, Disc Room, Eastward, and Grid. Notably, the removal of titles due to server shutdowns has become a trend lately, affecting multiplayer games that rely on server connectivity.

In line with the standard practice of Xbox Game Pass, members are afforded a unique opportunity when faced with the removal of titles from the game catalog. Recognizing the significance of beloved games departing the service, Microsoft extends a special benefit to its subscribers. Before the specified removal date, Game Pass members have the exclusive option to purchase any of the departing titles at a generous 20% discounted rate.


This feature serves as a thoughtful gesture from Microsoft, acknowledging the attachment and preferences of the gaming community to certain titles. By allowing users to acquire these games at a discounted price, Microsoft aims to mitigate any potential disappointment associated with the departure of favorite games from the Xbox Game Pass catalog.

This announcement follows the removal of nine titles earlier in November, marking a total of 16 removals for the month. In a compensatory move, new additions to Game Pass for the latter half of November include Coral Island, released on November 14, Persona 5 Tactica scheduled for November 17, Dune: Spice Wars arriving on November 28, and Rollerdrome also debuting on the same day.

The evolving nature of the Xbox Game Pass catalog, with titles cycling in and out, reflects Microsoft’s commitment to providing a diverse and dynamic gaming experience for its subscribers.