Sonic Superstars Marketing Ramped Up Despite Initial Sales Dip

Sega Expresses Confidence in Sonic Superstars Performance, Aiming for Strong Holiday Sales

Sega Sammy recently unveiled its financial results for FY2024 Q2, shedding light on the performance of Sonic Superstars, which launched on October 17th, 2023. The company noted that the sales for the game were “slightly weaker” than initially anticipated. However, Sega remains optimistic about the title’s potential, especially considering the historical success of the franchise during the upcoming holiday season.

Sega emphasized that Superstars tends to gain significant traction in sales during November and December. As a strategic move, the company has decided to intensify its marketing efforts for the game, gearing up for the Thanksgiving and holiday season. More than 90% of the marketing budget for Sonic Superstars will be allocated to this crucial period, aiming to capitalize on increased consumer engagement during the festive months.

While acknowledging the subdued start in sales during October, Sega is hopeful that the robust marketing push will propel Sonic Superstars to match or even surpass the sales performance of Sonic Frontiers. The aforementioned Sonic Frontiers, released earlier, exceeded expectations by selling almost 3 million copies as of February ’23.

In a statement, Sega expressed its commitment to the continued promotion of the game, stating, “Although in the financial results announced today, we are forecasting this title’s sales slightly weaker with the view of the status of start mentioned above, we plan to continue our marketing efforts to sell on the same level as Sonic Frontiers.”

The company’s dedication to boosting Sonic Superstars’ visibility is evident in its elaborate marketing displays, such as the impressive installation at Westfield, London. Featuring massive Lego Sonic builds and a suspended giant cuddly Blue Blur, Sega aims to capture the attention and enthusiasm of fans, ensuring a strong presence for Sonic Superstars during the holiday season.