Last Train Home Shows Both Sides of War In New Trailer

A Long Ride Home 

The Great War may be over, but conflict hasn’t subsided. Getting back home for these soldiers is anything but peaceful. Prepare to leave the trenches of the First World War and enter a bloody civil war as you fight home. Today, THQNordic and Ashborne Games are happy to give players another look at their upcoming RTS and management game, Last Train Home. Inviting players to lead and manage a group of Legionnaires from the newly-formed Czechoslovak Republic, the game gives players the responsibility of getting an armored train of soldiers home through a wartorn wasteland. Importantly, a new trailer gives players a look at both sides of the conflict.

Last Train Home

Last Train Home puts players in charge of an armored train full of soldiers. Players are trying to get these troops home to the new Czechoslovak Republic, but there’s a catch. A civil war has erupted pitting the Russian Red and White armies against one another. Members of the armored train need to work together to survive. Importantly, the player will need to understand both the fighting side of this ragtag group as well as their domestic side that keeps the train running. Of course, players will put several characters to use. Engineers, Doctors, Cooks, and Clothiers, who take up arms as grenadiers, medics, infantry, and snipers. 

Interestingly, players will be able to rearrange squads, equip soldiers, train troops, and carry out tasks on board the train. Last Train Home aims to demonstrate both sides of soldierly duty amidst a grim theatre of war. Check out the new trailer for a glimpse of the gameplay. 

Last Train Home is releasing on November 28th for PC via Steam