Kingsgrave Will Rise up on PC in Spring 2024

The Mighty Monarch Is Here

Get ready to unite the kingdom! Developer Egg or Chicken Games and publisher Alawar Premium’s upcoming adventure Metroidvania game Kingsgrave will arrive in Spring 2024 on PC via Steam. It is inspired by classic Zelda games and blends rich storytelling, and challenging gameplay with unique building features, various puzzles, and stunning pixel art visuals.


In Kingsgrave, a dreadful disease has struck his kingdom and the lands have begun to die out. All the survivors have abandoned their houses and escaped to different places. To make matters worse, fragments of diseased souls have created monsters that freely kill all living beings.

You will play as a long-dead king and unite the fractured lands, slay the dark forces, and bring prosperity back like old times. The fate of the land and the people lie in your hands.

The gameplay features are:

Restore the Kingdom: Unlock new abilities by collecting resources, building houses, and slaying enemies to bring the smallfolk back home. The true power of the king lies in his domains and members. The more you restore, the mightier you grow.

Banish the Shadows: Destroy the plague creatures to save your subjects and clear the lands of rotting monsters to bring life back to the wastelands. Sharpen your combat skills and acquire more powerful equipment to overcome formidable adversaries.

Explore a World in Ruin: Traverse woods, deserts, volcanoes, and other biomes in the handcrafted interconnected world. Solve cunning puzzles, uncover hidden paths, and navigate treacherous terrain. Challenges and wonders fill the path, creating a journey worthy of a true king.

Make sure to check out the teaser trailer below.