Dustgrave, Sandbox RPG, Unveils Mechanics In Developer Trailer

The Sand Remembers

Deeds get recorded. This is the way history is made. When someone does something, or something happens, it gets recorded. This fact is especially true when the world is constantly changing around you. Today, Publisher Digital Tribe and indie studio Innervoid Interactive provide more insight into their upcoming sandbox RPG, Dustgrave. Inviting players to a fantasy world where they can have complete freedom. Using their wits and a blade, players must carve their own path in this world.  In fact, a new developer diary gives players details about many of the special mechanics of the game. 


Dustgrave introduces players to the Dahlan Empire after its collapse. Here, strife runs rampant, and war, hunger, and plague abound. Yet, opportunity still exists despite the devastation. Importantly, the game allows players to have complete freedom in how they design their characters and their story. Players can create their character in an advanced character creator and choose every action throughout the game. Yet, be warned, the world reacts to your choices. 

In fact, Dustgrave has an advanced record & relationship system that tracks every event in the world. Importantly, this means that every NPC, faction, and more, have different understandings and attitudes. Interestingly, these NPCs will keep track of player deeds and the actions of other NPCs. Of course, this means that the world truly feels alive. Obviously, players are able to see these mechanics in action in the new developer diary. 

Dustgrave is currently in development and will release for PC via Steam.