Worldless Blending Genres This November

A Mix and Match of Genres 

Prepare to put your strategy and reflex skills to the test. Enter a world of lights and music and prepare for battle. Interestingly, action combat meets Metroidvania platforming and turn-based battles. Today, Spanish developer Noname Studios is happy to announce the release date for their upcoming genre-bending Metroidvania, Worldless. Releasing on November 21st, the game invites players to a world beyond the rules of existence, a time before the next existence has begun. Yet, players will soon discover their place in the next reality is far from secure. A press release delves into all of the formless details of the game. Additionally, players are able to view the release date trailer for the game to see the graphics and unique gameplay. 


Worldless introduces players to a shapeless world that blurs between two realities. Interestingly, the game allows players to platform through various worlds that teeter on the edge of existence. Players can Jump, glide, and dash through a world of countless destinies. Yet, they will not be free to adventure about unimpeded. Other creatures from another reality are looking to secure their place in the coming reality. Importantly, the game pits players against these other entities in turn-based battles. However, these battles blend real-time action. Players will need to think strategically in their battles while also reacting to reflex-testing actions. 

Of course, players can get a look at the unique gameplay of Worldless in the release date trailer. Check out the trailer below to see the gameplay and art style of the game. 

Worldless is to PC, Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch on November 21st.